PhD avhandlinger


Violeta Lozano Botellero Mental health and neural correlates in the preterm brain from adolescence to young adulthood: A longitudinal MRI study

Jarle Ladstein  ”Data acquisition for high resolution blood oxygen level dependent fMRI”

Kam SripadaBrain development, connectivity, and cognitive skills following preterm birth with very low birth weight. Neuroimaging findings from childhood, early adulthood and the Norwegian Mother and Child Cohort Study”

Lasse Marius Honningsvåg  “Morphology and lesions of the brain among headache sufferers in the general adult population”

Ingrid Lousie Augstad  "Combinatory strategies for promoting  tissue remodelling and endogenous plasticity after experimental ischemic stroke"

Ingrid Marie Husby Hollund  “Long term consequences of prematurity”

Jørgen Assar Mortensen  “Neurobiological models of impulsivity in borderline personality disorder and healthy individuals: A study of the human will”

Jan Ferenc Brunner  “Evidence for the executive nature of components of event-related potentials in a cued go/no-go task”

Anne Line Stensjøen  “Pretreatment growth dynamics of glioblastomas - volumetric assessment with histopathological associations and prognostic implications”

Nicolas Elvemo  “Cognitive and neuropsychological correlates of chronic pain”

Tor Ivar Hansen "Memoro; aweb-based neuropsychological test platform"

Kari Schirmer-Michalsen "Traumatic brain injury : control of physiological variables, organ failure and complications in the intensive care unit"

Carl Pintzka “Effects of sex and sex hormones on brain function and structure"

Anne Elisabeth Sølsnes "IQ, executive functions and brain findings in very low birth weight (VLBW) children and young adults"

Heidi Furre Østgård "Neuropsychological functioning and quantitative cerebral MRI in young adults born Small-for-Gestational-Age at term"

Alexander Olsen "Cognitive control function and moderate-to-severe traumatic brain injury : functional and structural brain correlates"

Torun Gangaune Finnanger "Life after traumatic brain injury: cognitive, emotional and behavioural function after moderate and severe traumatic brain injury"

Kristine Hermansen Grunewaldt "Infant motor assessment, long-term clinical outcome, quantitative cerebral MRI and cognitive training in children born preterm"

Tuva R Hope "Probing tissue microstructure in tumors and surrounding brain: diffusion weighted MRI and beyound"

Kent Gøran Moen "Traumatic Axonal injury brain injury: conventional and advanced MRI from early to chronic phase and relation to outcome"

Veronika Brezova "Prospective MRI volumetry and diffusivity changes during the first year after traumatic brain injury: impact of injury related parameters, significance for outcome and methodological considerations"

Emilie Y Vallee "New methods for localizing brain activity with Magnetic Resonance Imaging"


Hallvard R Evensmoen "A functional segregation along the hippocampal anterior-posterior axis"

Tora S Morken "Studies of brain development and metabolism after hypoxia-ischemia and fluctuating oxygen level in the neonatal rat via 13C-MR spectroscopy and multimodal MR imaging"


Grete Kjelvik  “Human Odor identification studied in healthy individuals, mild cognitive impairment and Alzheimer’s disease”.


Benjamin de Cisneros Jiménez GarzonClinical Applications of Multimodal Magnetic Resonance Imaging”.


Jian XuBlood-oxygen-level-dependent functional magnetic resonance imaging and diffusion tensor imaging in traumatic brain injury research“.


Erik Magnus BerntsenPreoperative Planning and Functional Neuronavigation – with functional MRI and Diffucion Tensor Tractography in Patients with Brain Lesions”.

Hanne LehnMemory functions of the human medial temporal lobe studied with fMRI”.

Elvar M Eyolfson13C NMRS of animal models of schizophrenia”.


Torunn Askim Recovery of motor function after stroke - assessment and treatment”. 


Inge Andre Rasmussen jr ”Functional and diffusion tensor magnetic resonance imaging in neurosurgical patients”.